Goodbye, lobbyists


In proposed guidance posted in Tuesday’s Federal Register, the Office of Management and Budget is elaborating on President Obama’s June memorandum barring lobbyists from serving on federal advisory commissions and other boards and commissions.

In keeping with Obama’s memo, registered lobbyists already on such panels will not be booted immediately, but cannot be reappointed once their current terms are up, according to the guidance, which is presented in handy question-and-answer format.

No waivers are permitted and anyone who becomes a federally registered lobbyist while serving on a federal board or commission will have to resign or face removal.

One small loophole, however, could surface in the cases of appointments by state governors or members of Congress. While the discretion of such outside appointing authorities will be respected, OMB says, they “should be encouraged” to name individuals who are not federally registered lobbyists.

OMB will issue final guidance after a 30-day public comment period.


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  1. Lobbyists conspired with the US Senate and Congress to kill Americans with their many ill-conceived pet projects. To me, the ratio of 4 lobbyists per Senator indicates ineffective and unethical leadership in DC. I support term limits for this reason among others. Anyone in DC, regardless of party affiliation, are corrupted after years of listening to the lies of witless lobbyists. You can’t change DC because DC doesn’t change. Worse than any Congressman serving for decades in Congress are those who vote for them.

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