Delivering transformation: Down at the Executive Leadership Conference


So what exactly is the Executive Leadership Conference? Well its a gathering of about 850 federal managers and private industry representatives in Williamsburg, VA both today and tomorrow. There are panel discussions related to IT issues, sustainability, management as well as special speakers.

Keep reading the website for stories related to this conference, so that you can get a bit of that information yourself. Of course, we know how busy our readers are, so we will be condensing and covering a lot of this on your behalf. Some key themes so far.

1. Collaboration. Almost every speaker has touted the importance of collaboration, with coworkers and managers within your agency as well as private industry and academic stakeholders whenever possible.

2. Flexibility. Make sure your office is open to new ways of operating and trying new approaches. Many speakers have said that one of the key issues facing agencies is changing the culture.

And stay tuned for more information as the event progresses.

I will be going to sustainability forums and be listening to a panel discussion about the next two years for the Obama presidency. Anything you want me to ask?

Just leave your questions in the comments section below.


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