Pressure from the Combined Federal Campaign?


I was hoping to get some fed input on the results of our new poll on the Combined Federal Campaign, which was based off of some comments we have received from feds across the government…

Sep 30, 2010 – Appeals for pledges to the Combined Federal Campaign at my agency are:
Overbearing. People feel pressured to contribute whether they want to or not. : 60 %
Appropriate. Pledges are for good cause. : 35 %
Insufficient. More effort should be made to increase donations. : 5 %

Do you feel pressured to give to the CFC, even if you don’t want to? Or are conditions at your office perfectly reasonable? I want to hear from you as the CFC continues to kick into high gear this season.

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  1. a Postal worker here… talk at the processing plant is louder than ever that the installation head gets a cash bonus based on how much the employees donate to the CFC. Sadly, in these uncertain economic times, many are touting this as an excuse not to donate.

  2. I feel the pressure has always been high and it is assumed the employee will contibute, and if they don’t, I feel the employee is looked down upon.

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