Health care reform, explained in one handy cartoon


Confused about the health care reform bill? You’re not alone. According to a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan health care policy research organization, 53 percent of Americans say they still don’t know what the health care bill means. And confusion is growing — that number is 8 percentage points higher than in August.

Considering the complexity of the matter, rabid politicking, and the spin thrown around over the last year or so (death panels, anyone?), it’s not surprising so many Americans are in the dark. But Kaiser has recently released a video that hopes to clear up some of the misconceptions. It’s a little cutesy, but it does a pretty good job summing up the overall structure of health care reform and how it will work in a shade over nine minutes.

(Oh, and as for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program premiums, still no word from OPM on when they’ll be released. As soon as we hear something, our trusty FedLine readers will be the first to know.)



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