Postal Service names new top marketing executive

Paul Vogel

Paul Vogel

The U.S. Postal Service today turned to a department veteran to take charge of its troubled mailing and shipping services division. Paul Vogel, who had retired as the Postal Service’s senior vice president and managing director of global business in January 2009, will be the next president of mailing and shipping services as of Aug. 16.

The last president, Robert Bernstock, resigned June 4, shortly before the release of an inspector general report that found he steered multiple no-bid contracts to friends and used postal staff and resources to manage his personal businesses.

The Postal Service is touting Vogel’s previous experience running the agency’s international business operations. He reportedly helped strike deals to use FedEx’s and UPS’ air networks, saved $50 million per year by helping deregulate international air contracts, and consolidated the agency’s international operations into a distinct business unit.

Vogel’s selection — and the Postal Service’s emphasizing his previous successes in the government — indicates the agency is taking a very different tack in choosing its marketing leadership after the Bernstock episode. The Postal Service in 2008 trumpeted Bernstock’s extensive experience as a private-sector executive running firms such as Vlasic and Scott’s Miracle-Gro, and he saw himself as a “change agent” tasked with shaking up how the agency operates. But critics said his actions blurred the line between how government agencies and private businesses operate, and created a double standard for management.


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  1. Sirs, Exactly how does one ” unretire ” from federal service and what happens to the retire benefits collected ?
    Second, why is Bernstock not being prosecuted for what appears to be obvious malfeasance? Is he a “buddy of the Postmaster General so his theft is going to be swept under the proverbial rug?
    What kind of leadership is this ? And, what kind of example is this to the employees, If you are a manager theft is acceptable?

  2. Mr/Ms Jameson-if you are a postal worker you should not be surprised. I am a retired postal worker and if you were caught stealing you were to be fired. IMMEDIATELY. No benefits, pension, etc. Well, a few years before I retired I was an office clerk on Tour 1 and the tour 2 office clerk was met in the parking lot by inspectors and placed in cuffs because he had been caught stealing cash and money orders from the “found loose in the mail bin”. Because he had enough seniority to retire he was allowed to retire with full pension, benefits etc. I was livid and told one of my supervisors that the lesson here is that if you steal without enough seniority to retire you lose everything but if you have enough seniority to retire you keep it all.

  3. The post office is going to continue to lose business if they don’t do an attitude adjustment and fire about half of the people they have now since most of them are completely useless and probable get more productivity without them than with them.

    Secondly, they don’t need a marketing person, they need a customer service person.

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