Shirley Sherrod responsible for global warming too?


The Daily Show returned from vacation last night and weighed in on the Shirley Sherrod foofaraw. Jon Stewart, as always, gave the whole absurd episode the gravitas it required by editing the video of her speech to make it look like she was admitting to ruining the environment (the gold-plated Air Force One and alpaca fighting ring were also particularly nice touches).

Stephen Colbert then took it one step further by splicing Mel Gibson’s latest racist and very NSFW rant into a quote from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. But why should Stewart, Colbert and Andrew Breitbart have all the fun of twisting government officials’ words? With some simple editing software, you too can make it seem like Sherrod is admitting to almost anything.

FedLine readers, what do you say we create our first Internet meme? The full video of Sherrod’s speech can be found at this link.  Make your own Shirley Sherrod mashup, and post the link to your video in the comment section below! (The more ridiculous, the better. But please, try to keep some semblance of taste. This is a family blog, after all.)

(Sherrod, by the way, told CBS today she is still considering Secretary Tom Vilsack’s olive branch-slash-job offer. But given how quickly and drastically her fortunes turned last week, if she holds out, she could probably have Vilsack’s job by mid-August.)



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  1. Victor the Crab on

    Here’s an idea. Try not lumping that lowlife Breitbart in with both Stewart and Colbert. Both talk show hosts were editing clips of their own to show the perverse, mean spirited nature of how people like Breitbart operate.

  2. Here’s a better idea – don’t pretend that the whole Shirley Sherrod debacle is a right wing conspiracy. Did Breitbart screw it up? Yep – so did the Obama administration and everyone else involved in her firing.

    How is Breitbart mean spirited? What – because he published the videos that exposed ACORN for the racist, crooked organization that they are? Or is it because NO ONE has taken him up on his $100K offer to PROVE that Tea Party members shouted racial slurs on any of the Congressmen or women who marched past them as they went to vote on a Healthcare Bill that the majority of Americans did not and do not want.

    This administration and Congress are shredding the Constitution daily – and with it creating slaves dependent upon the free handouts.

  3. anti Breitbart apologists on

    Here is an even better idea. How about if Breitbart actually admits wrongdoing ? He still claims the video shows racism on the part of Sherrod. He just looks more and more desperate as he defends himself. It’s kind of funny to see a “gotcha” guy twisting in the wind like that.

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