Former USDA official tells her side of racial controversy


CNN has an interview with Shirley Sherrod, an Agriculture Department official who stepped down yesterday after a video surfaced where she describes a 1986 incident where she didn’t help a white farmer as much as she could because of his race. The NAACP applauded her resignation, but Sherrod — who was USDA’s director of rural development in Georgia — said the comments in the video don’t tell the whole story, and said the incident took place before she joined USDA.

What do you think? Did Sherrod cross the line? Or is this a puffed-up controversy?


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  1. Sherrod should not have been asked to resign over a 24 year old incident, where as CNN televised this am, she was showing how race is not as big an issue as class in this country. Obama, NAACP owe her an apology.

  2. Phillip Nelson on

    I believe that anything that happened that many years ago is just that, HISTORY. I give my respect to this person for saying the truth about the issue. I also have had to pain stately tried to grow with the issues of racial after my 58 years of issues over color. I take my hat off this this woman and truly feel she should have received a note of award for her truth. Yet in this day she has been punished and deserves credit for her honesty and I Respect her and wish I had that kind of Honor. We all are still trying to grow! God Bless you Ms. Sherrod! I am white and that should not mean a thing but we are all still working on some of these issues. I am in your corner and Thank You for your Honesty!

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