Federal contracting: geyser or tsunami?


Old FaithfulThe water metaphors were flowing at yesterday’s Senate Budget Committee hearing on federal contracting.

In his opening statement, Office of Federal Procurement Policy administrator Dan Gordon mentioned the massive growth in government contracting over the last decade. He said that acquisition workers “couldn’t cope with this tsunami of buying that was taking place.”

Not to be outdone, Rhode Island Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse later said that “more than half a trillion dollars a year and climbing is clearly a geyser of taxpayer funds that needs to be carefully watched.”

Either way, it sounds like taxpayers are taking a bath.


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  1. Everybody, including Dan Gordon, want to blame, as much as contract specialists do the heavy workload they purport to have…but, the sad reality, is that all too many 1102’s can’t punch their way out of a paper bag, let alone think outside the box–and I guess that will have to include Dan Gordon too.

    Quite complaining and begin using the new and useful techniques you have to perform acquisitions that are complex and high dollar value.

    Use full and complete oral technical proposal evaluation of the entire RFP’s proposals that come it, I could do 17 complex proposals in 14 days whereas agencies like DOT, FAA and many others will spend months and months locked up in waste of time source selection processes. The insanity of mediocrity!!!

    Get with it and quit complaining Dan.

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