Your chance to sound off on small business contracting


The fireworks might come a week early for President Obama’s interagency task force on small business contracting. The group, formed in April, will hold a public meeting June 28 to discuss ways to get small businesses more involved in federal contract opportunities.

Given the recent grumbling about Obama’s acquisition reforms and their impact on smaller firms, some might see this as an opportunity to vent their frustrations. The public meeting announcement emphasized “removing barriers to small business participation” as one of the task force’s goals, but there’s a strong argument to be made that the administration has added significant barriers since taking office.

The meeting is scheduled for June 28 at 1 p.m. in the Commerce Department auditorium. (The task force is also accepting written comments until June 30.) They’re asking the public to register by June 21, as seats are limited for this extravaganza. No word on whether popcorn will be served.


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  1. Darren L. Cole on

    Do away with Alaska Native Corporations’ 8a preference. This is a travesty and is a front for large businesses. It is a form of corporate welfare as the natives are not working for the company at all. It is a disadvantage to other small businesses as they cannot compete because of this special preference.

  2. Darren L. Cole on

    Do away with the Alaska Native Corporations’ preference. This is corporate welfare as the natives are not working for their income and this is a travesty to the American taxpayer. The ANCs are also fronts for large businesses to the disadvantage of small businesses. Also, as Mr. Potter mentions, the Contractor to Civilian (GS) is also contributing to the demise of small business.

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