CIA's Iraq propaganda apparently run by 14 year old boys


425_ad_SouthPark_Saddam_Satan_041009The Washington Post’s SpyTalk blog reports today that the CIA’s Iraq Operations Group was mulling some hairbrained schemes for discrediting Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein before the 2003 invasion. Their most outlandish idea was to play the homophobia card and create a phony video that appeared to show Saddam having sex with a teenage boy, two CIA officials told the Post.

The Post said that and other psychological operation, or PSYOP, ideas went nowhere, partly because the CIA didn’t have the money and expertise to carry them out and partly because they were, well, stupid. What they should have done was buy a few hundred DVDs of the South Park movie, which (explicitly) shows Saddam and Satan as feuding gay lovers, and airdrop those into Baghdad.

The CIA apparently actually did create a video that purported to show Osama bin Laden and his buddies “sitting around a campfire, swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys.” One CIA official told the Post that the agency used some of its “darker-skinned employees” to play the reminiscing terrorists. Something tells me that’s not what former chief human capital officer Ronald Sanders had in mind when he talked about the need to diversify the intelligence community.

EDIT: It’s also worth noting that the CIA may have been stealing from the Weekly World News, which once ran a series of articles on Saddam and Osama’s alleged romance.


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  1. OliveOliveU on

    The CIA IS the great satan, and a shame to our country. They are the ones who put Saddam in power. We do not need them opperating in our country as a part of homeland security. I think we should demonsrate law and order by allowing us to prosecute them. We can’t even say their name (Patriot Act) unless we step out of the country. Stupid Marie Antoinettes of Congress! You aren’t helping!

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