Saturday Night Live swipes at public employees, unions


Ouch. And just in time for Public Service Recognition Week. If Sen. Tom Coburn is still wondering why OPM Director John Berry feels the need to polish the image of federal employees, this sketch from the April 24 episode of SNL helps illustrate why.

The crowd over on GovLoop mostly seems to be taking the sketch with good humor, but recognizes it as a sign of how bad civil servants’ image has become. Some posters appear thankful that while the sketch first appeared ready to slam federal employees alongside DMV workers, none of the “awardees” ended up being feds.

One thing jumped out at me, however. Contrary to Kenan Thompson’s opening speech, most federal employees don’t actually get deductible-free and copayment-free health care. (Yes, this is the kind of geek I have become — fact-checking Saturday Night Live.)



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