It's all about the (new) Benjamins


Gordon Gekko would probably shed a tear at this promotional video released by the government today.  For just over a minute, the video lavishes attention on a new $100 bill rolled out today, as Ben Franklin’s famous visage soars and gyrates around the screen and inspirational music plays in the background.

The video highlights in big blue letters the bill’s new security features: a 3-D security ribbon, a portrait watermark, a security thread, color-shifting numerals and a “bell in the inkwell,” whatever that means.

A similar video released a few weeks ago for the new $5 bill included clips of some government officials actually explaining the purpose of the new currency, but including that in this case probably would’ve diminished the majesty of a nice crisp hundo.

As a humble journalist, I don’t have access to a current $100 note to make a comparison, so I’ll just have to accept the feds’ word that the new C-note is pretty sweet.

The new notes come out in February 2011. Sources say that as part of efforts to improve efficiency in government, they will be delivered directly to Goldman Sachs headquarters.


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