Three cheers for the tax man


Everyone hates the IRS, right?

Bunch of pencil-pushing money-grubbers whose goal in life is to squeeze every last dime from the poor taxpayer.

That’s the old stereotype, anyway.

But a new poll from the Pew Research Center shows that over the last decade or so, the tax-collecting agency has improved in public perception more than any of the other 12 agencies included in the survey.

The ratings bump could be a result of new, user-friendly online tax software.

Or it could just reflect the fact that the IRS was starting from such a low point — its favorable ratings were a dismal 38 percent in the late ‘90s. Its current 47 percent rating is better, but still the second lowest in the survey. (Come on down, Education Department!)

The full results are after the jump.



Interestingly, the only other agency to show improvement was the notoriously shady CIA.

So now the public views spies more favorably than it does educators and judges. Obviously, we as a nation have forgotten the important lessons of the Jason Bourne trilogy.


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