HHS releases carbon footprint stats


When I polled the 15 Cabinet departments for a March 8 article detailing the government’s carbon footprint and plans to reduce it, one department failed to respond: the Health and Human Services Department.

Now, I think I understand why.

According to information just provided to me by the department, HHS has set a goal to cut its greenhouse gas emissions 10.4 percent by 2020, compared to a 2008 baseline of more than 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents.

HHS’ target is lower than that of any other Cabinet department and much lower than the governmentwide average of 28 percent, even though HHS ranks fifth in terms of emissions. No word from HHS yet on why it set such a comparatively low target.


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  1. Good article for HHS. Could you provide the link for the 3/8/10 for the other agency’s GHG emissions goals.

    Thank you
    Tom Murphy

  2. If possible, would you be able to provide the web sites outlining each of the Cabinets GHG Reduction Plans. It seems some of Cabinet Agencies are more aggressive at achieving the Presidents Goals than others. Thank you

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