Air Force ad has rock band seeing red


The Air Force pulled a recruitment ad off its website after the rock duo The White Stripes threatened to sue the agency for using one of its songs without permission.

The ad, which aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl, included an instrumental version of the Detroit band’s popular song, “Fell in Love with a Girl.” According to a statement posted on the band’s website, the song was re-recorded and used without permission. The band said it would be forced to take action to stop the ad if it wasn’t removed.

The band took particular issue with its song being used to help recruit airmen to fight in a “war that we do not support.”

The White Stripes support this nation’s military, at home and during times when our country needs and depends on them. We simply don’t want to be a cog in the wheel of the current conflict, and hope for a safe and speedy return home for our troops.

The band posted a clip to its song and a link to the Air Force ad, but the ad has since been removed from the Air Force website.

At the risk of further upsetting the band, we’re posting the official video below.


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