DC offices pull off the hat trick, closed for third day in a row!


D.C. federal offices are closed again tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 10) with the same exceptions and caveats that applied for the last two days.

In case you are excitedly celebrating this rare hat-trick closure and can’t remember the exceptions and caveats, here is the rundown, verbatim from OPM’s site:

  • Nonemergency employees (including employees on pre-approved leave) will be granted excused absence for the number of hours they were scheduled to work. This does not apply to employees on leave without pay, leave without pay for military duty, workers’ compensation, suspension, or in another nonpay status.
  • Telework employees may be expected to work from their telework sites, as specified in their telework agreements.
  • Emergency employees are expected to report for work on time.
  • Employees on alternative work schedules are not entitled to another [alternative work schedule]day off in lieu of the workday on which the agency is closed.

UPDATE: For workers outside the D.C. area living in locales also affected by the storm moving up the east coast: check with your Federal Executive Boards and office heads about closures. The New York FEB’s inclement weather hotline — 212-246-0748 — is recommending non-essential personnel stay home on Wednesday, but this is ONLY a recommendation for feds in the Big Apple. The message also reminds workers to check with their managers to see what their office’s operating status is for tomorrow. It also reminds workers there are only 39 days until spring. Thank goodness.


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  1. High Plains Drifter on

    My youngest brother was disabled before age 18. He received benefits on my Mom’s CSRS. My Dad was also CSRS. Both have passed away. My brother is entitled to more as a dually-entitled survivor. OPM has not been able to process the claim and pay him in more than a year now. They don’t respond to mail inquiries, phone inquiries, email inquiries. They don’t sent notices or any communications. I have written the white house, the senate and congress as well as the director of OPM, as yet to no avail. This has to be the most dysfunctional of the federal bureaucracies and it needs to be cleaned out.

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