Tomorrow is D-Day for GSA Nominee


The Senate is expected to vote on Pres. Obama’s choice to lead the General Services Administration tomorrow. Or at least invoke cloture, a procedure to end debate about whether Martha Johnson is qualified to run the government’s procurement and real estate agency.

The Senate convenes at noon, and according to the calendar, the cloture vote  on Johnson’s nomination will occur after the chamber votes on the nomination of Patricia Smith to be solicitor for the Labor Department. If cloture is invoked, a final vote on Johnson’s nomination will follow.

Johnson’s nomination has been delayed by Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo. Bond held up the confirmation vote because he wanted GSA to promise to move a federal complex to downtown Kansas City, Mo.


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  1. Kit Bond is holding up a major Admin position that does much to cut Gov’t funding and waste. How long has this been going on? Blackmail, pure and simple/ Wake up!!

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