Critics slam GOP sham "census" form


A Republican Party fundraising letter that looks an awful lot like the official 2010 Census form is drawing complaints from all sides.

The mailing from Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is disguised as a survey and is labeled the “2010 Congressional District Census.”  The survey even includes a “Census Tracking Code” and is brandished with the words “census document.”

A GOP spokesman said the mailing was not intended to mislead voters, noting that it states in several places that it’s from the Republican Party. But lawmakers from both parties are criticizing the letter, saying it could be confused with the actual Census, which all U.S. residents are required to complete by law.

A Census Bureau spokesman tells the Associated Press that the agency has received several complaints about the mailings and is reviewing how to respond.

Dennis Johnson, director of the Census Bureau’s regional office in Kansas City, told a local newspaper that the timing of the letter was unfortunate to say the least, since the agency is just now beginning to mail out actual Census forms.

My biggest concern is that it might be confusing to some residents who get this and then get the real one in a couple of months.


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