Update on Bible-encoded sights


Update: My colleague at MarineCorpsTimes.com reports Trijicon will no longer inscribe its products with Bible verses.

The U.S. military plans to continue to use tens of thousands of gun sights that are inscribed with references to Bible passages, AP reports.

Army officials are investigating whether Trijicon, the company that makes (and scripturally inscribes) the sights, violated any procurement rules by including the markings on the aiming devices. The Army told AP the company didn’t break rules that prohibit proselytizing by U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I blogged about this earlier this week and wondered whether the company did anything legally wrong, since it didn’t appear the contract permitted or prohibited the etchings. I’ll leave the ethical pondering to you dear readers.

Already, defense officials in New Zealand said their troops’ Trijicon equipment will be scrubbed of the references to avoid inciting religious tensions. Australian defense officials are still debating what to do, AP said.


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  1. They should be forced to reimburse the American tax payer or forced to replace all of these scopes. Killing in the name of God is wrong on so many levels I wouldn’t know where to start. Any true Christian that thinks God would condone the killing of another human being or that he would stand behind ANY army going to war is either absolutely insane, or a total hypocrite.

  2. I think it’s brilliant. The only thing that would repel a jihadist more than a bible verse is a viewer made of pork. An end to the stockpiles of weapons made by the US and its allies that these brainwashed bogey radicals acquire. Next step is to lubricate any military weapon that needs lubricating with pig spit drippings.
    What does Scott want us to do? Lay down and let them kill us all? Because they won’t stop until they do and when it comes to saving the necks of my fellow Americans (proudly served in USAF), there is little choice but to fight back. WE did not declare this war, THEY did.

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