Senate approves dozens of nominees


The Senate approved dozens of President Barack Obama’s nominees this morning before departing for the holidays. The Senate will return on Jan. 21.

Approved nominations include:

  • Adele Logan Alexander as a member of the National Council on the Humanities;
  • Paul T. Anastas as an assistant Environmental Protection Agency administrator;
  • Anne Slaughter Andrew as ambassador to Costa Rica;
  • Alberto Fernandez as ambassador to Equatorial Guinea;
  • Michael Khouri as a Federal Maritime Commissioner;
  • Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis as ambassador to Hungary;
  • David Daniel Nelson as ambassador to Uruguay;
  • John Norris as a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission;
  • Robert Perciasepe as deputy EPA administrator;
  • Scott Boyer Quehl as the Commerce Department’s chief financial officer and an assistant secretary;
  • Leslie Rowe as ambassador to Mozambique;
  • Lynnae Ruttledge as commissioner of the Rehabilitation Services Administration, Education Department;
  • Miriam Sapiro as a deputy U.S. trade representative;
  • Rajiv Shah as an U.S. Agency for International Development administrator;
  • Thomas Alfred Shannon, Jr., as ambassador to Brazil;
  • Alan Solomont as ambassador to Spain and Andorra;
  • David Strickland as administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration;
  • Mary Burce Warlick as ambassador to Serbia;
  • James Warlick, Jr., as ambassador to Bulgaria;
  • Grayling Grant Williams as director of the Office of Counternarcotics Enforcement, Homeland Security Department;
  • Mary Jo Wills as ambassador to Mauritius.

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