Hostage situation resolved at post office


Walter “Gator” Taylor of Tennessee surrendered Wednesday night after holding three people hostage in a Virginia post office for nine hours, reported The Associated Press.

Taylor, who was armed, asked only for pizza during the hostage situation. Police don’t yet know his motives, and no one was injured during the standoff.

EARLIER: An armed man has taken hostages at a Wytheville, Va., post office, television station WDBJ reports.

The man is holding five hostages, has fired gunshots out the windows and claims to be armed with explosives, the local television station reports. Mayor Trent Crewe told the Associated Press that three employees and two customers are being held hostage but no injuries have been reported.

Police have asked everyone within a three or four block radius of the Main Street post office to evacuate, and SWAT personnel are on the scene, the station reports.

Wytheville is about 79 miles southwest of Roanoke, Va.

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