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Federal Times is proud to announce that our new online forums are open for business! Just click this link to find the forum. Registration is free and easy, and you can sound off about anything on your mind.

For example, click here to express your thoughts on the NSPS repeal and what it might mean for future pay raises. And my colleague Rebecca Neal has begun a conversation about the proposal to have OPM cover millions of uninsured Americans in this thread.

And feel free to start your own conversations too. Is something going on in your agency you think we should know about? Let us know. Think one of our articles missed the point? Call us out! Federal Times reporters will be reading your comments and jumping in from time to time.

We know you’re out there, and know you have very strong opinions on these matters. These forums hopefully will spark many spirited debates. But while we love a good argument, please keep the conversations civil and clean. We’re all adults here, and we don’t want to have to remove any libelous statements or scrub inappropriate posts.

But dig in, and let us know what you think!


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  1. Why not have a place in the forums titled “Off-duty”?? Might be a place where us fed workers can get together and discuss off-duty adventures. Such “off-duty” spaces are provided on the various military times websites and printed products, why not on Federal Times????

  2. I am SSGT William M. Levangie Retired USMC Disabled
    Vietnam Veteran totally and permanently disabled unemployable. Being basically in need of care and assistance.
    Have had numerous claims to the VA but denied many reasons given even after an urgency expressed by many VA/MUSC, Doctors, specialists, surgeon. It came to a must situation after several hospitilizations, ER trips, heart attacks. Only alternative was wife or spouse had to quit work job one company over 28 years of loyal and dedicated support. She quit began staying at my side. Short few days of VA, Doctors and Pharmacist going over and teaching my additional duties most all what I had been doing for the last 5 years now. It saved my life prolonged a bitter longer. Her company quit from was incorporative at all filed family paperwork rewritten three times each have to go get signed. That paperwork never showed up again Company closed shutdown so I turned to the State Job Commission. Before I quit work of which I left with nothing not even a thank you a good working quitting, given no retirement, severance, bonus nothing (financially). So I enquired with State Job Service they allowed me to sign up there was several thousand in a substantial fund for wife, set-up weekly checks as well. After completing requirements told to go home wait for letter already approved had my weekly log in papers to call or walk-in job service. The letter came from the State Job Security revoking and denying permanently any benefits. My wife appealed at every level up to the Governor for these actions. The final word in agrevasion I and this State of S.C. will not support and will stand by my staff and leaders at state Job Security. Additional last words I or this State will not Support the Troops in this fashion. Mr. Slosey alot of words sorry but it has to be heard completely especially as wrote about the caregiver act and the segragation of only post 9-11 new Veterans really speaking only Veterans and you read alot of the Bills before Congress are written for 9-11. My wife a devoted and dedicated loving wife of nearly 40 years now is deserving of nothing but all the support and recognition can get. For her last Company to degrade and dishoner after she left but it is even sadder that America has turned back as well. Not the money or jealousy none of that it is love and those who love you respect you. Thank You please reply if any othe my words make sence. Sincerely SSGT William M. Levangie Ret.USMC

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