Colbert to Napolitano: 'Does the Secret Service have clipboard technology?'


For your Friday enjoyment, faux TV pundit Stephen Colbert ribs Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about the White House gate crashers, al Qaida, immigration enforcement and swine flu:



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  1. Janet Nap had the opportunity to help us here in Arizona by getting our border more secured. But, she wanted the votes and didn’t do a thing. Its a mess out here now. Our Gov is going to give more and more foreign aid and stop some money needed in our jails to hold criminal Illegals. really can’t figure out why our Gov does not understand the word ILLEGAL. Our jails are 1/3 full of illegals, more cop killings, more car jackings, robbery, home invasions and the list goes on and on. The flow has got to stop somehow. I want my taxes to stay here to fix our problems before they go to another country. A grade school kid can figure all this out. Why can’t the average person…..Phoenix and surrounding areas use to be nice. I’m from here and dislike it because of all the crime increase. I’ve stated my thoughts for years and nothing ever gets done. Pres Bush said on 60 Min some time ago that he wished he would of done more about the Illegals and our borders……nothing, nothing, nothing.

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