Deadline looms to submit green ideas


Heads up, federal procrastinators: You’ve got until midnight Saturday to submit your suggestions for making the government more environmentally friendly and to vote on those ideas already submitted by your more industrious colleagues. 

As we reported earlier, the most popular ideas submitted during the GreenGov Challenge will be presented to agencies, which are right now figuring out how to meet the ambitious environmental goals laid out earlier this month by President Barack Obama.

With a portfolio of more than 500,000 buildings and 600,000 vehicles, the government is a prime target for testing ideas to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability, Vice President Joe Biden said.

Any idea, big or small, about how to make this government more efficient can make a significant impact on our energy consumption and our energy future.

As an added incentive,  Biden recorded a special message encouraging federal employees and military service members to participate. Check it out below, and then submit your own ideas.


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