Feds know how to SAVE


The Office of Management and Budget received nearly 40,000 ideas from federal employees recommending ways the government can save money in fiscal 2011.

When OMB’s SAVE Award contest closed on Oct. 14, federal employees had submitted 38, 484 ideas. An OMB panel will now review the submissions and send a handful of finalists to President Barack Obama to choose from. The winning entry will be announced next month. The winner gets to meet Obama and the idea will be included in the 2011 budget.

Now that nominations are closed, FedLine wants to know: Did you submit an idea? If so, what was it?


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  1. Calculation of the FERS annuity supplement is a bear. It is quite intricate and lengthy. I proposed Government-wide adopion & use of the software program I have developed, which can be checked at: http://www.fedbens.us

    Robert F. Benson

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  3. Innovation Title: Energy Savings
    Innovation: Waterproof lighting fixture used in Vertical Launching System (VLS) MK 41 utilizes incandescent lamp, parabolic reflector NSN 6240-00-578-6820 and other locations aboard USN ships. The lamp service life is rated at 2000 hours, 110 watts. Lamp emits low light, high heat and may cause wire insulation damage. Lamp requires excessive replacement (approximately 5 per year). TEMPERATURE READINGS Incandescent Florescent Base 106 F 74 F Globe 132 F 72 F Recommend replace incandescent lamp, parabolic reflector with Sylvania soft white Dulux EL (electronic compact florescent lamp) P/N CF20EL twist or EQUIVELANT. Replacement can be implemented through attrition. Florescent lamp emits 1200 lumens at 20 watts, with service life of 10,000 hours. Provides longer life, less energy consumption, reduced heat (protecting wire insulation), less maintenance actions required to replace burnt out incandescent lamps. Reduces chance for induced damage through maintenance actions. Estimated cost savings to exceed One Million dollars per year. Ship board lighting is non-essential and the mil-spec requirements could be waived.
    Agency Impacted: Department of Defense

  4. Innovation Title: Saving the USPS
    Innovation: President Obama should issue an executive order mandating that all federal agencies use the USPS for all shipping vice contractor services like FEDEX, UPS, etc. This would save BILLION$ of dollars in USPS bailout monies.
    Agency Impacted: Department of the Treasury

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