Updated list of possible USPS closures: 371 post offices


Here’s the updated list (pdf) of proposed post office closures from USPS. There are 371 post offices on the list, down from nearly 700 on the initial list released in July. Most of them are in major urban areas.

California has the greatest number of proposed closures — roughly 70 of them, mostly in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. New York City, Atlanta, and several cities in Florida would also face cuts.

The Postal Service started the summer with almost 3,600 post offices under review. It pared that list down to 677 before a July 30 congressional hearing on the closures. This latest list isn’t final: Postal officials say it will likely undergo at least one more revision.

Postmaster General John Potter said yesterday that he doesn’t expect closures to begin until at least January. A spokesman for the Postal Regulatory Commission, which oversees the Postal Service, told Federal Times that the PRC expects to receive a final list of closures by December.

The Postal Service estimates the closures will save between $20 million and $100 million per year. The agency had a nearly $7 billion deficit in fiscal year 2009, which ended on Sept. 30.


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  1. More people are have their mailed stopped on Satuday if they are going to be gone. There is nothing that you are going to get that will not wait until Monday. There is so much money to be saved from stopping the mail for just one day. It would give everyone Saturday and Sunday off. People to fill in on days off. It would be nice to have the same carrier everyday and know what time you can expect your mail if you are expecting something important.

    Five day work week bussiness do not do anything till Monday.

  2. Hardly anybody on my route stops their mail on Saturday. Out of 550 families occasionally 1 or 2 families per week might have a hold on while traveling. Many people receive medications on Saturday, not to mention the deliveries of certified mail, express mail, insured mail and signature mail which require a signature from people who work during the week. People requestWhy aren’t UPS and Fedex talking about doing away with Saturday service? The postal services problem is leadership, the lack of. Medication will not wait

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