Public discussion on official secrets starts today


To follow up on Gregg’s earlier post…

The White House is also hosting an online discussion about how it should revise the policy governing classified national security information.

Until Wednesday, the Public Interest Declassification Board will host a “Declassification Policy Forum” through the White House Open Government Blog to take comments on President Barack Obama’s May 27 memo ordering a review of the executive order outlining classification policy.

Through the discussion, the White House hopes to answer the following:

  • “Are you satisfied with the current executive order? What has worked? What hasn’t worked? What should a new executive order include that is not in the current order?”
  • “How can the government make the declassification process more transparent?”
  • “Should the government prioritize what it declassifies? If so, based on historical significance or other criteria?”

To view or participate in the discussion click here.

If online discussions aren’t your thing, but you want to let your voice be heard, the declassification board is hosting a traditional public hearing at the National Archives and Records Administration’s Washington, D.C. headquarters on July 8. The Federal Register has details on how to participate. You can also email comments to the board directly at


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