Hathaway is candidate for cybersecurity czar


Melissa Hathaway, the Obama administration’s acting cybersecurity director, said Friday she is one of the candidates being considered for the permanent cybersecurity post.

Hathaway confirmed her candidacy for the “cybersecurity czar” position to reporters after a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington, D.C. policy group. Hathaway said the administration is considering several candidates but President Barack Obama has not yet conducted any interviews.

Hathaway, who led the White House’s 60-day review of cybersecurity policy, said Obama is deeply interested in improving cybersecurity and his leadership will help institute change.

“It’s personal to him … they’ve tried to hack into his BlackBerry on a regular basis. This president is going to drive this forward, and it’s being raised on a weekly basis,” Hathaway said.


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