Security clearance investigators: Federal Times wants to hear from you


Federal Times wants to hear from security clearance investigators about your job. Do you have enough resources to conduct your investigations? Are the workloads too heavy? Do you feel pressure to sacrifice quality to clear cases faster? What needs to be done to improve the process?

E-mail me at if you’d like to talk. If you’d prefer that your name not be published, that would be fine.


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  1. I have already sent hundredes of messages to US Army, US senators, even Mr President at Whitehouse, but regret to inform you that no one has returned back to me regarding this very important issue, You might be interested and maybee will pass this message to Col Gregory Schwarts if necessary Brig.Gen Micheal Lally otherwise ı will send this message to US news papers maybee some one here about this un-pleasent situation for US Tax poayers.

    As per my calculation US Department of Defense paid additional USD4 Billion Dollars in pass 9 years to 3rd and 4th party forwarders for all Military transportation and logistic services., Example we are Turkis based company located here in Mersin (nearest port to Zakho) and pass 5-6 yrs we have transported thousands Military cargo to Iraq, Afghanistan via Europeen forwarders. In the end we are the ones who supplies our trucks, used our warehouse at transhipment points and our eperienced people . but regret these 3rd and 4th party commisioners made the money. So My suggestion is pls contact us for the new cargo will be sent to Afghanistan for add. 30.000 US Soldiers and trust in the end will find out how much money US tax peyers will safe

    Pls pass this message to relevant parties and will be glad to meet them any time at any place for more details regarding routings and rates

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