Latest postal casualty: wilderness airmail


With the U.S. Postal Service poised to run out of money by year’s end, it’s had to make some tough calls. It’s cutting management and supervisory positions, encouraging employees to retire early and closing administrative offices.

Its latest target? A rural airmail service that provides weekly mail delivery to about 20 addresses scattered across hundreds of square miles of Idaho backcountry.

Facing a $6 billion deficit this year, the Postal Service says it can no longer afford to make the deliveries. That’s cold comfort to the residents, of course, who pay extra to get necessities such as food and medicine delivered along with the mail.

One of those residents tells National Public Radio that he wonders if the Postal Service will begin cutting delivery to other rural areas where delivery is cost-prohibitive.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention the savings the Postal Service is reaping from cutting this costly service: $46,000 a year.


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  1. PhiCrappaZappa on

    This is late, but what the hell. Since when did the CONSTITUTION change to guarantee mail service to only peoples with a PROFITABLE address? To my knowledge – it did not. Where is the OUTRAGE? WHERE IS BILL BURRIS??? Where is the whorepress on this one? Same place it always is – in the hands of the CORPORATE owners. We are all screwed – we’re just realising it in different increments.

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