Video of the planned DHS headquarters site


The National Capital Planning Commission in January approved the master plan to transform the 176-acre abandoned St. Elizabeths psychiatric hospital compound into a headquarters complex for the Homeland Security Department.
Federal Times videographer Colin Kelly and Senior Staff Writer Tim Kauffman recently participated in a media tour of the southeast Washington site. Here’s Colin’s footage:


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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….

    Totally remodeling, renovating, and re-building the St. Elizabeths building and grounds. I did not hear in the video any mention of the costs involved. But….

    I would bet that the huge amount of funds could be better spent on hiring additional ICE folks, and Border & Customs folks. Maybe with those funds we could slow down the river of illegal aliens walking past and waving at border cameras.

    We need some enforcement of all the Mexicans gathering at 7-11’s, QT stores, and street corners. Arrest them, give them 30 days at hard labor, and toss them back out of the country so hard they bounce.

    The funds for the St Elizabeth re-building would surely cover a large part of the costs.

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