Ishimaru takes the reins at EEOC


President Obama has appointed Stuart Ishimaru to be acting chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the commission said today. Ishimaru replaces Naomi Earp as chairman.

In the statement announcing the appointment, the EEOC said Ishimaru’s more than five-year tenure has been marked by a focus on “large, systemic cases and in reinvigorating the agency’s work on race discrimination issues. He also played an instrumental role in the EEOC’s adoption of groundbreaking guidance on gender discrimination against workers with caregiving responsibilities.”

Ishimaru called the appointment “a high honor and quite humbling:”

The Obama administration brings new promise and possibilities to the EEOC. To succeed in our mission, we need to rethink the fundamental question of how well the commission works to ensure equal employment opportunities for all individuals.

Fellow commissioner Christine Griffin was also named acting vice chairwoman of the EEOC.


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