Transition Watch: More Noontime Changes

0 will become just after noon tomorrow, according to Agence France-Presse.

Many believe to be emblematic of how President-elect Barack Obama will use the Web to advance his priorities of a more participatory and transparent democracy.

Over the next few days other federal Web sites will also start to look a bit different as dozens of familiar names, like Michael Chertoff and Condoleezza Rice, are erased from government Web sites and replaced with the new administration officials, like Janet Napolitano or Hillary Clinton.

The process is likely to be quick, said Casey Coleman, chief information officer for the General Services Administration. GSA plans to have all the names of Bush-era political appointees off the agency’s site and replaced with acting career officials or Obama appointees within 48 hours of the inauguration. Many of the names will change a lot faster than that, she said.

With the exception of a Google Web cache, this may be the last time Bush-era agency appointees see their names on government Web sites. The National Archives and Records Administration will not do a Web harvest of pre-Obama sites, an agency spokeswoman said.

Instead, if an agency determines that its Bush-era Web pages must be persevered under NARA’s Guidance for Managing Web Records, the agency will follow the rules set out in this handy archiving guide.

This guidance, of course, does not apply to Bush’s, which falls under the Presidential Records Act.


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