Transition Watch: Empty Seats


The hour of the inauguration is getting closer and we’re sure to hear a lot about the nation’s financial crisis in soon-to-be President Barack Obama’s speech today.

In yesterday’s edition of Federal Times I wrote about the stimulus plan. The story discussed how many of the programs Obama and congressional Democrats want to set up will require more procurement staff than are on hand.

I thought it would be worth pointing out that Obama has yet to name leaders to key procurement slots. Obama’s choices for the chief of the General Services Administration and the administrator of Federal Procurement Policy at the Office of Management and Budget are still a mystery.

Although the career officials acting in those roles are working diligently to fill gaps in the acquisition work force and improve accountability, it occurs to me that political leaders with the political authority to drive home Obama’s message of transparency and accountability will be needed if Obama wants the stimulus plan to be properly administered.

Procurement fans, who do you think would be up for the task of leading the acquisition work force through this tough time?


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