Critics: Thumbs down for "Homeland Security" TV show


The reviews are in for ABC’s new reality show “Homeland Security USA,” and they are not kind. The “COPS”-like docudrama program, which follows real Border Patrol agents, Customs and Border Protection officers and transportation security officers at their jobs, is being called little more than a recruitment video for the Homeland Security Department.

The New York Times said that the show doesn’t even touch on many issues challenging the department, such as mismanagement, privacy concerns, or corruption. Instead, “Homeland Security USA” shows Customs officers searching through a belly dancer’s skimpy outfits.

Critics say the show’s substance-free exchanges, along with heart-tugging voice overs, give the impression that all is well with our nation’s security. But a quick glance at the dozens of reports released last year by the Government Accountability Office shows that’s not the case.

The most damning assessment probably comes from Slate’s review:

That Michelle Malkin and Daily Kos have come together in prejudging the show as propaganda might be a sign of the very apocalypse that DHS is supposed to thwart.


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  1. Of course, the NY Times would do its best to bash this show, and pointing up the shortfalls of DHS. The position of this paper has been amnesty for everyone, according to some of their editorials. Of course, it is propaganda for DHS, otherwise they would not have gotten access to the agents on a day-to-day basis. But is that any worse than the reality show with employees of Southwest Airlines getting screamed at by passengers whose flight is delayed or having to change and wash an elderly man with incontinence? Southwest is a private company, while DHS is supported by taxpayer dollars, and we all want to know that the money taken from us is going to some cause.

  2. BorderPatrolHopeful on

    Soul Patrol Says:
    January 7th, 2009 at 9:56 am
    If Homeland Security is using this show for recruitment purposes then where do I sign up?

    Go to CBP.GOV!!! All the info you need is there. I am currently in the Background Investigation of the Hiring Process and just waiting on my phone call to report to my duty station. Good Luck to you!

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  4. As a former CBPO, I have seen the good things and bad things within the agency. Believe it or not, if CBP have treated their employee with a little more respect, there would be much less leaving the agency.

    Watch out for the people in HR and internal security divisions, some of which have no experience, knowledge to deal with the diversity applicants. I have been one of the minoritiy victims which they have discriminated and an on going EEO case against them. CBP never want to admit fault even though they have made mistake 100% CBP would fabricate information against anyone just to cover up their mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Do not believe 100% what you see on this show, the only truth you can encounter within the agency is by unexpected visits. Other than that, they were just trying show a little of truth and hold bunch of pretending to the public.

  6. Oh, I forgot. Definitely there were corruptions within the agency. Approximately 6 months ago, there were a few supervisors were arrested for taking bribes at the NY district JFK.
    Mismanagement at every level within the agency.

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