While You Were Out: Report Roundup


If you, like me, were off last week perfecting Grandma’s octopus recipe for one of the many holiday celebrations, here is a roundup of a few fascinating government reports that were released.

Incase you missed it:

  • The Government Accountability Office published an assessment of how the Homeland Security Department distributes grant dollars. It found that DHS’s three-step evaluation process that weighs the risk of terrorism and the effectiveness of the applicant’s proposals is a reasonable way to determine how to distribute funds.
  • The Homeland Security Inspector General released a report about the acquisition work force at FEMA. While the agency has grown the size of its acquisition work force and improved training, the acquisition work force is still not prepared to respond to disasters that result in mass casualties or damage.
  • The Office of Management and Budget issued a report on how fast the government processes security clearances. The average time to process a security clearance is down to 82 days in fiscal 2008 from 265 days in 2005. The government is working toward achieving a 60 day processing goal by December 2009.

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