Wikileaks critics: Post on bomb-jamming crossed the line


While most people who aren’t former Nixon staffers or convicted Watergate criminals agree that Mark Felt did the right thing by talking to Bob Woodward, not all leaks are as cut and dry. Wired posted a blog entry yesterday that says someone has uploaded a classified report to Wikileaks on the military’s Warlock radio-frequency jammers, which soldiers use to cut off signals to remotely detonated bombs used by Iraqi insurgents. (The Wired blog has some profanity.)

The four-year old report contains information on how the jammers work, such as what frequencies they stop. Though the models described in the report are not as widely used today as they once were, some are upset that the details have been revealed.

Even Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy for the Federation of American Scientists, thinks Wikileaks went too far:

Wikileaks says that it publishes restricted documents that are “of substantial political, diplomatic or ethical significance.” Its publication makes sense only from the perspective that all secrecy is wrong and should be resisted. It’s not a perspective that I share.


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