Tell Daschle how to fix health care


Tom Daschle, the nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services, wants to know how you’d change the nation’s health care system.

That’s according to an e-mail sent by John Podesta, co-chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Project. He’s inviting people to create health care forum discussions about what needs to be changed and promises the transition team will take those opinions seriously.

“Secretary-designate Daschle is committed to reforming health care from the ground up, which is why he won’t just be reading the results of these discussions — he’ll be attending a few himself,” Podesta wrote in the e-mail, sent to subscribers to Obama’s campaign mailings as well as to reporters.

You can watch a video with Daschle or sign up for a discussion here. Sign-ups continue through Dec. 31.

So do you think the administration will really take these suggestions seriously? And most importantly, how long before the discussions degrade into personal attacks and spam invites to buy prescription drugs for cheap, like the rest of the Internet?


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