Monday Fun: Wait, Wait…Don't Tell Me!


Did anyone catch NPR’s news quiz Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me this weekend? Because it was [bleeping]awesome. And not just because Carl Kasell did the best reading of the Rod Blagojevich tapes I’ve heard to date.

But because CIA Director Michael Hayden was the guest for “Not My Job,” the portion of the show where they ask famous people obscure questions to win a listener the privilege of having Carl Kasell’s smooth voice on the listener’s answering machine.

After telling some funny spy stories, Hayden was tested on his knowledge of obscure breakfast cereal.

So how did the director of central intelligence do? Listen for yourself here. Simply click on “Not My Job.”

Bonus: To hear Kasell’s dramatic reading of the Blagojevich transcripts click on “Who’s Carl This Time?” It’s [bleeping]golden.


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