DOJ: Mukasey doing better today


Update II: Around lunchtime, Justice released a statement saying all of Mukasey’s tests came back clear.  Talamona said:

He has been given a clean bill of health. We expect him to be released in the next couple of hours. We also anticipate he will be back at the department later today.  

Update: The Justice Department just released the full transcript of this morning’s briefing on Mukasey’s condition. Here is what Justice spokeswoman Gina Talamona said:

There is no indication that he suffered a stroke or any heart-related incident. It really appears to have been a fainting spell. You know, he works long days, he is very active, it was a late-night speech under hot lights. So all indications are at this point it was basically a fainting spell.


You’ve probably heard by now that the nation’s top cop, Attorney General Michael Mukasey, collapsed while giving a speech in Washington last night.

Justice Department Public Affairs released this statement today:

The Attorney General is conscious, conversant and alert. His vital statistics are strong and he is in good spirits. He is receiving excellent care and appreciates all of the good wishes and prayers he has received. The doctors will keep him overnight for further observations.

Mukasey, 67, was speaking to the Federalist Society about Bush administration efforts to fight terrorism, when he began to stutter and shake before he slumped over the podium. His security detail rushed to his aid.

The Justice Department promises to update the public when there is more news. We’ll do the same. Leave your well wishes below.


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