Friday Fun Facts: Transition by the numbers.


As if the fact the General Services Administration is supplying 120,000 square feet of office space to house the Obama transition team isn’t evidence enough of the scale of the event, FedLine has more numbers for you to chew on.

The office space is outfitted with enough desks, computers, telephones, chairs and assorted other office supplies to support 500 people, said Gail Lovelace, GSA’s chief human capital officer, who is overseeing the transition. And Congress has appropriated $5.3 million to pay for it all.

Lovelace said the exact location of the office is still being kept under wraps because the Obama team has not given permission yet to release it. She noted they’ve been a little busy getting down to business.

At the same time GSA is helping the Obama-Biden administration transition into office, it is also helping the Bush-Cheney administration transition out.  A team of GSA employees is working with the current administration to find post-administration office space, Lovelace said. That effort has $2.2 million appropriated for it.

Bonus fun fact: GSA provides lifetime support for former presidents.


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