Inaugural tickets, anyone?


If you’re looking for tickets to President-Elect Barack Obama’s inauguration and parade, you may want to prepare yourself for disappointment.

While stopping in various congressional offices today, I noticed one thing: the phones are ringing off the hook. In fact, all of the phone lines were ringing at once for five solid minutes in one representative’s office, and all of the callers had the same question: How do I get tickets?

Aides told me tickets aren’t yet available, and some offices have started waiting lists. It’s likely that, due to demand, the majority of the inaugural tickets will be held for officials’ family and friends, leaving the rest of you standing on the Mall somewhere around the Smithsonian Castle. Parade tickets may be an achievable goal, though you’ll have to get on the list early.

“The calls haven’t stopped since we opened this morning,” said one congressional staffer.

With this being one of the most highly-anticipated inaugurations ever, it’s likely going to be a case of who you know. I’d hate to see what hotel rooms are going for now for the inauguration weekend!


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