Vote early. Vote often. Just vote.


Happy Election Day Feds! It is finally here. The day you get to pick your new boss.

We here at FedLine cast our ballots this morning and can report turnout is heavy at the polling stations inside the Beltway. This reporter stood in line for 62 minutes to make her choice, which seemed pretty speedy given the fact that there were 210 people ahead of her when she started.

If you’ve headed to the polls today, or are on your way later, we want to hear from you.

Did you choose McCain? Obama? A third party candidate? How will your choice affect your office? What issues influenced what lever you pulled, button you pressed or bubble you filled? How were conditions at your polling stations?

If you are not voting at all, tell us why not.

Finally, if you need help finding your polling station, just click here.


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