Happy Customers


Citizens like you, they really like you…or at least your agencies’ websites.

That’s according to the latest quarterly report released by ForeSee Results today. ForeSee is that company that helps the government conduct its user feedback analysis. You may have seen their little while survey boxes pop up when you’re cruising your favorite dot-gov site.

ForeSee sees that the customer satisfaction with federal websites is on the rise. In the latest report satisfaction improved 1.4 percent to 73.9 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index 100-point scale.

That figure is just the governmentwide average. Approximately 25 percent of government sites scored over 80 indicating “superior satisfaction,” according to the company. ForeSee Results president Larry Freed thinks this is good for everyone.

It’s a win-win proposition because consumers prefer the convenience of a mouse click, and government will benefit from improved efficiency, cost-savings, accountability, and transparency.


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