The SBA scores will come out tomorrow…


Bet your bottom dollar that the Small Business Administration‘s second annual report card on the government’s use of small businesses in procurement will come out tomorrow. We say this because we’ve been told there is a press conference on that very topic, so it’s a pretty safe bet.

The report cards grade agencies on how well they’ve met their individual goals for contracting with small businesses. These goals are often above and beyond the governmentwide goal of 23 percent, which is set by statute. Last year, SBA reported 12 agencies got red scores indicating they failed to reach their goals for fiscal 2006. We’ll see if anyone has done better in fiscal 2007.

The scorecards will come out along side the fiscal 2007 “Small Business Goaling Report,” which show whether the government reached its 23 percent small business contracting goal. No surprises expected there as we already know they missed it by a slim margin. Calvin Jenkins, SBA’s deputy associate administrator for government contracting, told us so in July.

Check tomorrow afternoon for a complete story on all the results.


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