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GSA turns 65 the only way possible – by talking about how much things have changed


The General Services Administration is celebrating its 65th birthday by highlighting how much government work has changed over the decades. Ori Hoffer, social media strategist at GSA, said in a blog post that employees used to use manual typewriters and process contract bids by hand, but now use a wide array of technology to help shorten and simplify the process. The agency also has evolved from testing natural gas as a vehicle fuel to using electric and hybrid cars in its rental fleet. “While the people and the technology have changed, and the mission statement may be a bit different,…

70 years later: Remembering D-Day


Across the Internet today people will be posting their thoughts and remembrances of a day 70 years ago when the United States and her allies invaded France and helped lead to the end of World War II. Among the other articles and galleries you read, you should take a look a the picture gallery  built by our sister publications at Military Times.

7 famous people and their less famous federal jobs: You might be surprised


Federal employees have taken a lot of heat over the last few years. They are called overpaid and underworked. The fight over their pay and benefits has been well documented. Politicians have called for closing entire agencies, while others push bills to end the civil service . We did this list a few years ago, but I thought it was long due for an upgrade. So here are some now very famous people who at one point would have been considered federal employees. 7. Wanda Sykes This one is from reader Drew Fletcher, who pointed out that before she became…